When you’re getting discouraged because you haven’t reached your goals

It’s Friday night, and you’re studying.  You’ve been staring at the textbook for hours, but it’s still not making sense.  The feeling is frustrating, but not foreign.  This is how every Friday night goes.

Or maybe you’re working as a waitress.  You’re paying your way through school, and you make just enough to cover your tuition, but not enough so that you could afford to take a weekend off to catch up on your studies.

An eternal loop of “I need this to do that, but I don’t have time for that because of this.”

It’s really difficult to “carry on” when you’re not seeing results.  It’s like you have to rely on everyone who tells you that it’ll all be worth it.  And that gets kind of unnerving, because it’s as if you can’t trust your judgement anymore of whether you’ll like the outcome.

But here’s the thing: you’re going to love the outcome.

When you’re getting discouraged, all you need is a break… not to quit.  If you want your efforts to amount to something, quitting will ruin that.  Your goal is to give yourself as best of an environment as possible, but if you stop now, all of that struggling would have been for nothing.

You know what you want, and you’re doing your best to get that.  Or maybe you have no idea what you want, but you’re figuring it out while you do something that’ll keep yourself afloat.  Both are great, because both show that you’re on your way–that it’s only a matter of time until you get what you’re after.

When you’re getting discouraged, find something to keep you sane.  Paint.  Write.  Play the guitar.  Run.  Dance.  Sing.  Talk.  Think.  But the law of averages, something has to help with your morale.  You just have to find it and recognize when you need it.  You can’t work all the time–you’re not a machine.  Recognize when you need a break, and foster your hobby’s potential in that time.

You’re going to reach your goals.  Sometimes, it might take you a little longer than you want, but you’ll still reach it just the same.  Just keep trying.



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