6 reasons why college students should wear watches

It’s hard to find someone wearing a watch on Penn State’s campus.  These days, people usually turn to phones to tell the time or set a timer.  But, there are a few overlooked benefits to wearing a watch, especially for college students.  Here are a few of the best reasons to start wearing a watch:

1. It looks mature

Watches give certain connotations about the people who wear them.  Whenever I see someone wearing a watch, I associate them with responsibility and sophistication. They’re always aware of the time, so they could be self-aware in other aspects, as well.  It gives off that adult-like, “I have it together” look.

2. It helps keep time during exams

I time every exam I take; I like to break the test into sections, so if I have a 2 hour test of 4 problems, I allot 30 minutes to each problem.  Setting a timer on an airplane-mode phone is a great way to keep track, but some professors or TAs don’t allow it.  Having a watch on-hand (haha) lets you instantly track where you’re at in terms of time and are almost always allowed in exams, AND you don’t have to worry about your phone dying mid-test (it’s happened to me before, and I don’t recommend it).

3. Being able to read an analog clock is impressive for millennials

Ok, if you’ve ever had a friend who can’t read an analog clock, please raise your hand. Millennials are apparently notorious for not being able to tell time on these things, and a lot of them have to rely on digital watches.  As simple as it is, quickly telling time on an analog is a little skill that can tell a lot about you; you’re not like the rest, and you actually remember what you learned in 2nd grade.  This skill could also gain a little more respect from your professors, bosses and interviewers.

4. It’s a sign of preparedness

Need to check your heart rate after a run?  Use your watch.  Need to time a lab experiment? Use your watch.  Want to see if you can make it from your apartment to class in 5 minutes? Hope there isn’t a slow walker in front of you.

Anyways, having a watch on you means that you’ll always be ready and have a way to keep track of time in little, important situations where you might not be able to use your phone.

5. New smartwatches help you keep up with more than just time

The dawn of computerized watches makes it so much easier to check emails, listen to music, and browse the news without a phone.  I believe that this is a revolution because it makes wearing a watch more purposeful and fun; you can conduct a phone interview on the same thing you play games on.

6. It’s purposeful jewelry

Sometimes, I have trouble wearing jewelry if it doesn’t serve a function.  Watches are stylish, but they also serve a purpose.  They’re a good way to accessorize without feeling like you wasted money on something, where its only purpose is to look nice.



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