7 tips for a stand-out personal brand

Branding isn’t just for businesses anymore, and especially for young, unique professionals, establishing your personal brand is as important as having a flawless resume.

Letting the world know who you are and what you have to offer is vital; what’s the use of having a skill if no one knows you have it?  Read on for 7 tips that’ll help you perfect your brand!

1. Find what you’re passionate about, and become an expert in it

With whatever you want to do, you want to be good at it.  Actually, scratch that–you want to be great.  You want to be the go-to for questions in your chosen field, and make your name apparent to others.  The best way to start doing this is to learn everything you can about your field: the history of it, the basics and advanced topics of it, and its current happenings.  Staying up-to-date in your specialty is what keeps you ahead of your competition; you know what’s current, you know where it’s going, and you can get ahead of it.

2. Utilize social media

People need to know who you are to figure out how awesome you are.  Keeping up with Twitter, blogging, and other social media platforms lets people know what you’re up to and what you think about things.  It’s another form of getting your name and ideas out there–and, the beauty of it is that you can post as often or as little as you find necessary.

3. Make a portfolio website

Think of your website as your personal hub: the place where a future employer can go to learn all about you.  Whenever you accomplish something, write a little excerpt about it and post it!  From personal experience, having a website is great because you get complete autonomy over the format, content, and aesthetics.  You can highlight parts of your career that you want to showcase and keep your following updated about the projects you’re working on in more than 140 characters.  Also, you get to tailor your image on your website–if you’re a graphic designer who wants to focus on your photography, you can spend less space on your illustration and more on your latest prints.

4. Get a great headshot to put on your profiles

You need a professional photo to display on professional social media accounts.  A picture of you at a frat party won’t help you out much.

5. Network with people in the field

Cultivating connections gives you people to learn from; talking with veterans in your field can give you insight and advice for where you should go next.  Making friends in your realm also helps to build a following.  And, once you get to show everyone how great you are at what you do, you can build credibility within your community.

6. Focus on what’s different about you, and market it

Are you fluent in Portuguese?  Are you a Poly Sci student who can code?  Are you an engineer who likes to write?  Showcase and market whatever’s different about you! Focus on why your skills are assets and why companies have to hire you to get that unique skillset.

7. Don’t pretend

I’m sure you’ve heard it before: be yourself.  You’re spending all this time making this great name for yourself, right?  Well, if you’re not portraying yourself as you actually are, you’re really just making a personal brand for someone else.  Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t because you think it’ll be more impressive–who you are is perfect.  Celebrate what you have to offer and market yourself on yourself!



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