Callie Pic

Warm salutations!  My name’s Calla, an INTJ and a senior in chemical engineering with biomedical engineering and English minors at Penn State.  My philosophy is to use artistic thinking in my engineering solutions, because I believe that problems are best solved at the intersection of the left and right brains.  I actually did a TEDxPSU Talk about it in 2017! 🙂

This summer, I’m working as a medical writing intern at Merck in Philadelphia. Eventually, I want to be a patent lawyer, where I can help to revolutionize pharmaceutical technology.

But aside from all that science, I’m a fiction writer.  I’ve been published in a few journals, and I’m working on my very first book of short stories!

Until then, I live with my potted plants, biology textbooks, and collection of dream catchers in a little college town.