Warm salutations, it’s great to e-meet you!  My name’s Calla, and I’m an engineer and writer.  I studied chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, and English at Penn State, and I want to solve problems in preclinical drug development.

I believe in using a combination of art and science to solve those problems–I actually did a TED Talk about it in 2017, and I’m speaking at the annual Society of Women Engineers conference about it this October.

At Penn State, I worked as a TA for molecular bio and pharmacokinetics and in a few research labs studying biomaterials, cell biomechanicsmed chem, and physical chem.  Back in 2017, I became President of Penn State’s Biotech Club, and I organized a high school outreach program to teach biotech and bioethics. I was also an RA for 3 years and was accepted into the National Residence Hall Honorary which accepts only the top 1% of student leaders in residence halls.

Aside from science and leadership, I also love to write.  I’ve had some of my work published, and I’m working on my very first book of short stories.

This summer, I’m interning as a medical writer at Merck in Philadelphia.  I’m presenting some of my work from this summer at the Merck Technology Symposium in September.

If you’re ever visiting Penn State, please reach out if you’d like a tour or to drink a caffeinated beverage together!