Foreign Languages


I’ve studied Spanish since I was 5.  After completing my high school’s Spanish curriculum a year early, I continued studying it in my free time.

Audio Translation: Limited Professional Performance, Plus
Listening: Limited Working Proficiency, Plus
Reading: General Professional Proficiency
Speaking: Limited Working Proficiency, Plus
Translation: Professional Performance
Writing: General Professional Proficiency


I’ve been learning Esperanto off-and-on for about 3 years; I started learning it, because I read it makes learning other romance and slavic languages easier.

Audio Translation: Limited Working Performance
Listening: Elementary Proficiency, Plus
Reading: Limited Working Proficiency
Speaking: Elementary Proficiency, Plus
Translation: Limited Performance
Writing: Elementary Proficiency, Plus


I don’t have a cute story to go with why I started learning Italian; I just love how melodic the words are, so I thought I’d give it a go.  I’ve been casually learning it for about 2 years.

Audio Translation: Elementary Performance
Listening: Elementary Proficiency
Reading: Elementary Proficiency
Speaking: Elementary Proficiency
Translation: Elementary Performance
Writing: Elementary Proficiency