ChE 497 Teaching Assistant


The Keywords

quality control, systemization, organization, course management

The Essence of What I Did

I managed assignment grading for 60 students in an upper-level chemical engineering elective, Drug Delivery, Pharmacokinetics, and Artificial Organs. (2018)

The Course Covers…

thermodynamics and heat transfer mechanisms, temperature regulation and comfort temperatures, regional heat transfer analysis, therapeutic hyper/hypothermia, compartmental models, oral and intravenous injections, dosage regimens, drug delivery systems, physiological pharmacokinetics, chronopharmacology, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, plasmapheresis, artificial livers, artificial lungs and membrane oxygenators, artificial hearts, biological membranes and membrane transport, oxygen transport in capillaries and stroke implications, nervous system impulses and signal transmission

The Responsibilities

reading and understanding homework solutions, recognizing key concepts in homework solutions, following grading criteria consistently to ensure fairness, identifying misconceptions in student answers, writing brief and legible comments, establishing personal deadlines for grading completion, entering grades into an online grade book, answering student grading questions, addressing any personal misunderstandings in solutions with instructor