BMB 251 Learning Assistant

The Keywords

teaching, cell/molecular biology, problem solving, interpersonal communication

The Essence of What I Did

I was a learning assistant for an intro cell/molecular biology class and facilitated problem solving and review sessions. (2017-2018)

The Course Covers…

basic biochemistry, functions of macromolecules, bioenergetics, enzyme function, structures and functions of nucleic acids and genomes, DNA replication, genome integrity, DNA recombination, transcription and translation cycles, protein folding and degradation, gene expression, membrane structure, membrane proteins, membrane transport regulation and proteins, electrical properties of membranes, protein localization, vesicular transport, and mitochondrial and chloroplast frameworks.

The Responsibilities

attending BMB 251 lectures, facilitating in-class active learning exercises, creating exam review sheets and study guides, advising study methods and referring students to study resources, facilitating out-of-class collaborative learning sessions, explaining complex topics with simple analogies, enrolling in a STEM learning course for teaching science classes, meeting weekly with course instructor