Resident Assistant


role model, crisis management, conflict resolution, teamwork


I managed crises, resolved conflicts, organized building programs, and emotionally supported a floor of 40-75 undergraduate residents both independently and as part of a supergroup of 12 RAs. (2016-2018)


An RA is a floor manager who ensures smooth residence hall operation.  I worked as an RA for 3 years in an all-freshman (3 semesters) and eco-focused, special populations (3 semesters) environment.  I supervised up to 1,000 residents at a time and worked in a group of up to 14 RAs.

I interviewed potential RA and RA supervisor candidates and learned how to identify favorable candidate qualities by analyzing their open-ended responses.

I was selected to work as a 3rd year RA in a highly competitive application process.  In 2018, I was accepted into the National Residence Hall Honorary, a nomination-based program that accepts only the top 1% of student leaders in residence halls.



writing detailed reports, maintaining accurate records, meeting with coordinator and other RAs on a biweekly and weekly basis, supplying a vast knowledge base of available on and off campus student resources, relaying residential maintenance requests to appropriate locations, developing and implementing an efficient mass communication system for all residents on floor, interviewing candidates for RA and supervisor positions


organizing and holding floor meetings, coordinating multiple schedules for maximum meeting and program attendance, promote awareness and acceptance of campus diversity and an inclusive environment

Policy Enforcing

ensuring a safe community by enforcing quiet hours, guest, and drug and alcohol policies, following proper protocol regarding policy violations, monitoring activity of one-two floors daily and 12-14 floors periodically, assisting in managing emergency situations (fire, health, etc)


managing a $150-200/semester programming budget for floor event supplies, planning and executing enriching community building activities to promote residential connectedness and educational and personal growth, creating door and floor decorations that coincide with a particular theme


calmly and rationally handling crisis situations, listening to residents, providing advice, and referring them to appropriate on and off campus resources based on their (academic, personal, social, etc) concerns, unbiasedly mediating and resolving conflict situations