Atkins Lab

As part of the University of Washington’s Pharmacological Science Summer Diversity Program, I worked in Dr. Atkins’ lab in Summer 2017.

During Summer 2017, I spent 9 weeks at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington as a research intern in Dr. William Atkins’ lab as part of the UW Pharmacological Science Summer Diversity Program.  This lab focuses on cytochrome P450s, glutathione S-transferases, P-glycoprotein, phospholipid bilayer nanodiscs, and therapeutic antibodies.  My project sought to understand human bispecific Immunoglobulin G binding behavior in serum.  At the end of the summer, I designed a poster and presented my work in the UW Summer STEM Collaboration Symposium.

General Skills

Skills: autoclaving, buffer filtration, sonication, centrifugation

Equipment + Machinery: autoclaver, class II biological safety cabinet, plate reader, incubator, hemocytometer, sonicator, centrifuge, water bath, sand bath, vacuum filtration system

Biological + Chemical Skills

Skills: pH equilibration, bacterial inhibition assay, cell culture assay, microplate fluorescence, micropipeting, protein quantification, growing and harvesting HEK cell tissue cultures, column protein purification, DNA extraction, SDS PAGE gel electrophoresis, staining and destaining SDS PAGE gels, synthesizing SDS PAGE gels, surface plasmon resonance, high performance liquid chromatography, western blotting, southern blotting, liquid column chromatography, cell viability analysis, protein quantification, fluorescence correlation speculation

Equipment + Machinery: pH meter, class II biological safety cabinet, plate reader, incubator, hemocytometer, NanoDrop spectrophotometer, high performance liquid chromatography system, coomassie blue stain, SDS PAGE gel system, fluorescence correlation spectrometer

Computational Skills

Skills: GraphPad Prism, SymPhoTime