Biomedical Device Lab

During Summer 2016, I spent 10 weeks at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas as a research intern in Dr. Duncan Maitland’s Biomedical Device Lab as part of the TAMU Undergraduate Summer Research Grant Program.  This lab focuses on shape memory polymer (SMP) foams and their biomedical applications, and my project incorporated antimicrobial properties into this SMP foams for hemostats.  At the end of the summer, I designed a poster and competed in a poster competition against other USRG students.

I’m familiar with a few mechanical characterization techniques of SMP foams, but I worked more heavily in polymer synthesis, chemical formulation, and antimicrobial effectiveness.  I worked as part of a team and under direct supervision of graduate student and faculty mentors.  I also operated independently on SMP foam synthesis and characterization.

At the TAMU Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium, a poster competition where all USRG students present their posters, I took 3rd place.

General Skills

Skills: base bath procedure, sonication, oven safety

Equipment + Machinery: fluorescent microscope, oven + furnace, vortex mixer, sonicator, laboratory balance, magnetic stir plate

Chemical + Material Science Skills

Skills: differential scanning calorimetry, density characterization, chemical and hazardous material safety, shape memory polymer foam synthesis + foaming, foam pore sizing + characterization, foam cleaning protocol, emulsion polymer synthesis, foam conditioning

Equipment + Machinery: differential scanning calorimeter, fume hood, hot wire cutter, freeze tray dryer, scanning electron microscope, sputter coder, speed mixer, glovebox, hydraulic laboratory press

Biological + Mechanical Skills

Skills: bacterial inhibition assay, microplate fluorescence, micropipeting, tensile testing, crimping, reticulation

Equipment + Machinery: class II biological safety cabinet, plate reader, incubator, tensile test machine, heated molding press, crimper, reticulator

Computational Skills

Skills: GIMP, ImageJ