For my undergraduate education, I enrolled in the Penn State Chemical Engineering program, and I’ll graduate in December of 2018.  I also picked up Biomedical Engineering and English minors.  The courses are listed by subject.

I’ve also independently audited a few online courses via a few universities’ open coursework platforms.  I’ve focused my independent coursework on interesting subjects that I can’t fit in my academic plan.

The Pennsylvania State University (2014-Present)

Chemical Engineering: ChE Freshman Seminar (ChE 100S), Intro to Mass Balances (ChE 210), Intro to Thermodynamics (ChE 220), Professional Development Seminar (ChE 300), Chemical + Phase Equilibria (ChE 320), Process Fluid Mechanics (ChE 330), Process Heat Transfer (ChE 350), Process Mass Transfer (ChE 410), Chemical Reaction Engineering (ChE 430), Bioseparations (ChE 449), Pharmacokinetics, Drug Delivery, + Artificial Organs (ChE 497C)

Engineering: Intro to Engineering Design (EDSGN 100), Engineering Risk Analysis (ENVSE 470), Undergrad Research (BME 496), Biomedical Materials (BIOE 508)

Science + Math: General Chem I (CHEM 110), General Chem II (CHEM 112), Chem I Lab (CHEM 111), Chem II Lab: Bioscience (CHEM 113B), Organic Chem I (CHEM 210), Organic Chem II (CHEM 212), Organic Chem Lab: Writing Intensive (CHEM 213W), Physical Chemistry Lab (CHEM 457), Calculus I (MATH 140), Calculus II (MATH 141), Multivariable Calculus + Vectors (MATH 230), Ordinary + Partial Differential Equations (MATH 251), Mechanics (PHYS 211), Electricity + Magnetism (PHYS 212), Intro to Physiology (BIOL 141), Molecular + Cell Biology I (BMB 251), Problem Solving in BMB (BMB 398B), Instructional Practice (BMB 408), STEM Learning (SC 220)

English: Rhetoric + Composition (ENGL 015), Intro to Creative Writing (ENGL 050), Women Writers (ENGL 194), Technical Writing (ENGL 202C), Intro to Fiction Writing (ENGL 212), Intro to Nonfiction Writing (ENGL 215), Advanced Fiction Writing (ENGL 415), Science Writing (ENGL 416), Issues in Rhetoric + Composition (ENGL 474)

Miscellaneous: Elementary Spanish II (SPAN 002), Contemporary Nutritional Concerns (NUTR 100), Effective Speech (CAS 100A), Intro to Microeconomics (ECON 102), The Role of the Resident Assistant (HIED 302)

Audited Coursework (2016-Present)

How to Think Like a Psychologist (Stanford University), Philosophy for Beginners (Oxford University), Drugs + the Brain (MIT OpenCourseWare), Neuropharmacology (MIT OpenCourseWare), Engineering Ethics (Ohio State University), Social Media Marketing (Saint John’s Central College)