Foreign Languages

“The limits of your language are the limits of your world” ~Ludwig Wittgenstein

I’ve wanted to be fluent in another language since I created my own when I was seven.  I like to think of languages as extensively intricate word puzzles, where the object of the game is to develop a coherent sentence.  I believe that the resourcefulness and flexibility you use in a language transcends into thinking creatively and testing your capabilities in your work. Also, I think that the ability to explain one idea in two ways can demonstrate and accelerate proficiency in the subject.

Hablo El Español (I speak Spanish)

I have studied Spanish since the beginning of my educational career.  After completing my high school’s Spanish curriculum a year early, I chose to continue studying in my free time.

Audio Translation: Limited Professional Performance, Plus
Listening: Limited Working Proficiency, Plus
Reading: General Professional Proficiency
Speaking: Limited Working Proficiency, Plus
Translation: Professional Performance
Writing: General Professional Proficiency

Mi Parolas La Esperanton (I speak Esperanto)

Esperanto is the most spoken constructed language in the world.  It’s an international auxiliary language, meaning that it’s politically neutral and meant to be a universal second language for primarily international political and business usage.  Since it’s an artificial language, it has no national roots; however, it most closely resembles Romantic & Germanic languages, such as French, Spanish, Italian, and German, and it takes certain concepts and vocabulary from Slavic languages, like Russian and Polish, and Classical languages, which include Greek and Latin.

I originally discovered Esperanto in a search to accelerate my Spanish proficiency.  As I researched it, the concept intrigued me, and I decided to give it a try.  I believe that familiarizing myself with this language will diminish the learning curves when I learn other languages.

Audio Translation: Limited Working Performance
Listening: Elementary Proficiency, Plus
Reading: Limited Working Proficiency
Speaking: Elementary Proficiency, Plus
Translation: Limited Performance
Writing: Elementary Proficiency, Plus

Parlo *Un Po’ Di* L’Italiano (I speak *a little bit of* Italian)

Italian is my newest language escapade.  Upon discovering that it is the closest living language to Latin, I decided to give it a try.  After a year of light practice, I’m at a basic conversational level.

Audio Translation: Elementary Performance
Listening: Elementary Proficiency
Reading: Elementary Proficiency
Speaking: Elementary Proficiency
Translation: Elementary Performance
Writing: Elementary Proficiency