Once upon a time (aka Summer 2014), I started an eBay account in hopes of reclaiming some of the money that I spent on homecoming and prom dresses throughout high school.  Weeks later, I sold purses and high heels, which led to blouses, jackets, and jeans that Fall. What began as a way to earn a little extra money for textbooks turned into a young adult retail resale business that I operate on breaks and during the Summer.


Managerial: goal setting in terms of items sold and net profit, providing a friendly environment via written communication, researching efficient small business models and implementing said strategies, seeking out more experienced business people and entrepreneurs for opinions and advice, listening to customers, negotiating, and resolving conflicts with minimal corporate loss, developing flexibility, adaptability, and openness to new ideas, project managing and learning from mistakes, organizing and implementing an efficient labeling, storing, and shipping system and schedule, effective decision making, sometimes with limited information

Financial: budgeting finances and resources, conducting break-even analyses, handling all transactions, acquiring inventory within a budget, analyzing market research and statistics for maximum return, teaching myself basic financial principles to improve business efficiency

Technical: learning and implementing transactional outlets (ie PayPal), maintaining vendor webpage, styling and photographing items for maximum viewership, providing item write-ups that include quantitative and qualitative measurements