About Calla

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Hi! I’m Calla, an engineer-scientist and writer.  I work in biotech in Boston, where I’m an expert in enzymatic reactions, nucleic acid process development, and chromatography.  Currently, I’m at Intellia Therapeutics, where I develop Cas9 mRNA processes and novel mRNA characterization methods.

My education includes a bachelor of science in chemical engineering with minors in biomedical engineering and English from Penn State and a master of science in microbiology and cell science from The University of Florida.  I supplemented my engineering education with an English minor because I believe strong writing skills are essential and especially underestimated in technical fields.  I’m so passionate about this, in fact, that I’ve given a TEDx talk and a SWE conference talk about how innovation uses both science and art.

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Outside of biotech, I’m an avid writer, where my fiction and non-fiction works have been featured in various literary journals and anthologies.  I love talking about gene therapy, chromatography, women in STEM, and leadership!

Want to learn about science? I started a science blog in 2023–check it out here!

Want to talk about something cool?  Drop me a line–I love meeting new people!