Who is Calla Boyer?

Hi! My name is Calla, and I believe in using my research and writing skills to solve problems in drug development.  I’m a Penn State grad with a BS in chemical engineering and minors in biomedical engineering and English.  Currently, I’m an Associate in bioanalytical process development at Amgen in Boston and working on my MS in microbiology and cell science at the University of Florida!

At Penn State, I worked as a cell bio TA and in a few research labs studying computational cell biomechanics and fluorometry thermodynamics.  I became President of Penn State’s Biotech Club, and I organized a high school outreach program to teach biotech and bioethics. I was also an RA for 3 years and was accepted into the NRHH.  I did a TEDx Talk and spoke at WE18 about why engineers are both scientists and artists.  During the summers, I researched new biomaterials at Texas A&M, antibody immunogenicity at the University of Washington, and structured content management at Merck.  At Amgen, I’ve gotten involved in science outreach by becoming a high school judge through the MSEF and an AP Biology content reviewer through Khan Academy.

Aside from science, I also love the humanities.  I blog, had some of my work published in academic and literary journals, and am currently working on my very first book of short stories.  I also learn foreign languages in my free time, so I can one day explore our little marble planet.